What is Discovery Bible Study?

Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is a method of inductive Bible study that encourages people to interact with Scripture to grow their faith and understanding. It involves discovering what God is trying to teach us in the story, seeing how it transforms our lives (application and obedience) and responding to God (prayer). 

Readers are also encouraged to explore the Bible together, ask questions, and share insights, leading to a richer understanding of God’s Word. 

A typical structure of a DBS has a series of set questions for readers to process the Word of God: 

  1. What stands out in the story?  
  2. What does the story tell us about God? 
  3.  What does the story tell us about ourselves? 
  4.  How do I respond to God's Word in obedience / What do I need to change in my life? 
  5.  Who can I share the story with?

Why Discovery Bible Study?

Discovery Bible Study is designed to be simple, very easy to learn, and suitable for both beginners and advanced learners. Even people who are totally new to the Bible can learn to read the Bible by themselves quickly, study it anywhere at any time, and even facilitate discussions with others who are interested.

The study series not only has individual lessons, but is also designed to present a bigger picture of God's will and plan for the world throughout history so that readers can see the Bible as one big story of God's love for His people. 

How is Journey with the Prophets structured as a Discovery Bible Study?

Journey with the Prophets is a series of 30 studies that follows the story of how God established and restored the everlasting covenant with His people. The studies are:

  1. Genesis 2-3: What is wrong with this world? - Story of Adam, sin and God's promises 
  2. Genesis 6-9:  Story of Noah - God's judgement, mercy and covenant 
  3. Genesis 12:  God chose Abraham - God's faithfulness and determination to bless mankind  
  4. Genesis 15-17: Abraham's obedience and waiting on God's promises
  5. Genesis 16, 21: Story of Ishmael - God hears our cry
  6. Genesis 22:  Abraham tested - God Himself will prepare the lamb for the sacrifice
  7. Exodus 2-11:  God calls Moses to bring His people out of slavery
  8. Exodus 12-14:  The battle against sin and disobedience - God's power in deliverance
  9. Exodus 19-20, 32-34, Numbers 21:4-9:  No one can be accepted by God through his own effort
  10. Exodus 40, Leviticus 1:  Story of Aaron - God dwells among His people and how to draw near to God
  11. Leviticus 16: How God deals with sin -  the sacrifice that God requires
  12. 1 Samuel 8, 16: Story of David - God looks straight at the heart
  13. 1 Samuel 17, 24:  David leaves his battles and vengeance to God
  14. 1 Chronicles 17, Psalm 2, 110:  One of God's most important revelations to mankind
  15. 1 Kings 18:  Story of Elijah - Exposing false religions and prophets
  16. Amos 5:  How God hates religious hypocrisy
  17. Isaiah 53:  Signs of the Anointed One from God and his suffering
  18. Jeremiah 1, 6, 31:  We say 'Peace, Peace', but there is no peace
  19. Daniel 1-3, 6: Story of Daniel -  visions from God in times of oppression and exile
  20. Daniel, 7, 9:  Dreams & Visions for the Future: The Coming of 'Son of Man'
  21. Luke 1, 3, John 1: Look! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world
  22. John 8, Matthew 15, Luke 19: Teachings of Jesus - Sinners in God's Eyes
  23. John 6, 14:  The Only Way to God, to Forgiveness, to Paradise
  24. Matthew 16-17:  Who do YOU think Jesus is?
  25. John 13, Matthew 5, 20:   Love Your Enemies
  26. Matthew 26-27:  Jesus says, "This is My Body. This is My Blood"
  27. John 20-21:  The most radical truth - conquering sins and death
  28. Matthew 7, Mark 8, Luke 14:  Are You Ready to Surrender Everything?
  29. John 14, Acts 2:1-41, Corinthians 2:   "I Will Pour Out My Spirit," Declares the Lord
  30. Revelation 20-22:  The End Times: What do we need to know?