What is Journey with the Prophets?

It is a series of 30 studies about God, His Prophets and His people. These stories, which are arranged in chronological order, reveal how God made an everlasting covenant with humanity, how we hopelessly ruined it because of our sin, and how God miraculously made it whole again.

The structure of the studies is based on a study model called Discovery Bible Study (DBS), a simple, easy to learn process of engaging with stories in the Bible. Click here to find out more. 

What is in each study and how to use it?

Each study has a Bible passage ('Read Scripture'), a reflection on the historical and spiritual significance of the story, and a few questions for readers (Reflection & Discussion) to learn more and reflect on.

First, pray that God will guide you and help you understand what He wants you to learn. Once you have read the story carefully, make notes of any questions or observations that come to mind. Afterwards, learn more about the passage and reflect by going through the 'Reflection & Discussion' section. Lastly, respond to God's Word by praying, obeying and allowing it to shape your life. 

You may use the studies to explore the Bible on your own, or as group discussion resources to engage with friends.

Which translation of the Bible is used?

The Bible reading in each study uses the Easy-To-Read Version (ERV) as it is catered for readers whose first language is not English.

If you prefer to read translations for more advanced readers, you may use the North American Standard (NASB) or visit Bible.com

Who created Journey with the Prophets and why?

Journey with the Prophets is created by a group of Jesus Followers in the UK, Egypt and Hong Kong to help readers online to explore the big story of the Bible. It also aims to, by going through major stories in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), to answer one of the most significant questions people ask about Jesus: Why and how can Christians believe Jesus is God?